Thursday, October 4, 2007

Blessed Feast of St. Francis

A blessed Feast of St. Francis to you all!

Actually, I don't think I have anyone reading this blog yet, but eventually I will and maybe you will look back at these earlier blogs, and maybe you are right now :-)

Another Episcopal Conversion

Bishop Jeffrey Steenson of the Anglican Church has submitted his resignation to the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church. He has been deeply troubled about the direction of the Episcopal Church. Steenson had hoped that the Church of England would reconcile with Rome, but now does not see that happening in the near future. He thus feels this decision was necessary. The Catholic Archbishop of Santa Fe, Michael J. Sheehan, has been in dialogue with Steenson for a number of years and has said that this was not a sudden decision.

Steenson stated, "I hope my decision will encourage others who believe they can no longer remain in the Episcopal Church to respect its laws and withdraw as courteously as possible for the sake of the Christian witness."

WOW! This is the third Episcopal bishop in the United States to become Catholic this year. The question I am left with is what will he do now? Those familiar with the Bing Crosby movie White Christmas, may remember the song line; "What can you do with a general, when he stops being a general." I have to ask "what do you do with a bishop when he stops being a bishop?"

Of course, I wonder if he will ask for the dispensation to be ordained as a Catholic priest and celebrate the Anglican use within the Roman Rite (correct me if I used the wrong wording here). What makes this really interesting to me is that Bishop Steenson helped the members of his Pro-Cathedral finish purchasing the church for $2,000,000 to become a separate entity from the Episcopal Diocese of the Rio Grande.

Has Steenson set the ground work for his congregation to convert as well? Only time will tell, but I hope and pray that we will soon have a Catholic Church in Santa Fe practicing the Anglican use within the Roman Rite.

On a side note: I also find this personally interesting because I have a connection with the areas each of the 3 former Episcopal bishops is from; Santa Fe, Fort Worth, and Albany, NY.

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