Wednesday, October 3, 2007

On the Occasion of the Transitus

"Sanctity! I just ask to live the Gospel..."

These words of St. Francis to the Pope echo in my ears on this most solemn of nights. This is the night that Franciscans celebrate the Transitus, the passing of Francis from this life to eternal life. The liturgy is solemn and beautiful.

I find myself in great reflection today. Perhaps it is due to turning 37 yesterday. Perhaps the Transitus today and Feast of St. Francis tomorrow. I don't know for sure, and it hardly matters. What I am sure is that the popes vision of Francis holding up the Church as she was falling is a call to all Franciscans, and all Catholics. We may not hold up the entire Church or bring great renewal. But we can hold up the little piece of the Church that the Lord has entrusted to each of us. Perhaps our families (the domestic church) or friends and co-workers. Whatever it is that the Lord has entrusted to us. We, like Francis can build, one stone at a time.

I have chosen this day to start my blog, but I feel more like it has chosen me. I hope this blog will be a place to reflect upon current affairs in the Church, spirituality, my own Catholic ramblings... It will accompany my Web site which I will post a link to here once I have it up and running.

Welcome. Come back often. And,


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ThG said...

Welcome to the world of blogging from another theology geek. I just started my blog today too ( Like you, I am also enrolled in a MA in Theology program (Catholic Distance University). Where are you going to school? God bless you and I hope your blog attracts many readers.