Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Not Gone!

I have not disappeared, only gone on vacation. We are visiting the Santa Barbara/
Solvang, CA area. It has been absolutely beautiful. The beaches and mountains speak of God's presence. I was challenged in my prayer life. No, not by the great beauty of God's creation, but by Po, the Kung Fu Panda! Yup, that's right. Actually there were a number of great messages in the movie. But one thing that caused me to reflect was the scenes of the characters in meditation at times. No they where not in Christian meditation and I am not in any way going to promote any form of non-Christian prayer. But what I will say is that there is something that calls out to the human soul about a simple lifestyle and a simple prayer life. The eastern principle of working with nature (which is also the primary principle of Natural Law) in one's life and meditation, or prayer, is one that resonates in us and even calls to us. No, it should not call to us to become Buddhist monks, but to allow the Holy Spirit to guide our prayer, to make prayer a natural part of our daily lives, to let prayer flow from us like water flowing as a stream so that our whole lives are saturated with it. Realizing this is the easy part, living it is more difficult... but somehow I feel it shouldn't be.

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