Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awaiting the G1 Android Phone

+++ UPDATE +++
I am using my G1 now and have had it a little over a week. It is absolutely awesome. It has a fantastic Gmail client, good calendar, great touchscreen, full keyboard... The best thing is that since it is open-source, it will just get better and better. A bunch of new apps hit the App. Market yesterday. Some fund games too. All I need is a wordprocessor app for it and it will do most of what I use my iBook for. It is not the same as the iPhone, but I believe it is as good as the iPhone.

Origional Blog:
If you are into technology and have not been following the buzz around the new phones coming out you have to check out the rumors surrounding the new phone platform from Google, you need to take a look. Their phone "OS" is called Android and the first phone to use it is expected to be released this fall from T-Mobile. It is being built by HTC. Rumors, speculations, and supposed leaks of information abound regarding this phone.

This phone will feature a touch screen and full qwerty keyboard. The picture to the left (from Mobile Magazine's Web Site) is supposedly a leaked picture, and is a pretty close match to the drawings found on "Android Guys" site.

This might actually get me to leave my Blackberry behind, unless they really wow me with the Bold or Thunder/Storm models coming out now.

Interesting note: There is a rumor that Blackberry will officially announce their touch screen (iPhone competition) device on October 17th via a Steve Jobs type of press conference - the same day rumored to be the release date for the T-Mobile G1 Android phone. I believe a touchscreen phone war is brewing and ultimately that is good for us.

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