Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Time To Pray...

Now, more than ever, is a time for us to pray for our country. There is so much that is at stake in this presidential election. Literally, millions of lives, unborn lives, weigh in the balance. And while I agree that abortion is not the only issue, keep in mind that in the minute that it takes you to read this short blog three babies will be aborted in the united states. This happens every minute, of every hour, over 4,000 per day. That's more abortions each day than the total number U.S. soldiers that have died in combat in the entire war in Iraq. It's enough people to fill an entire NFL stadium every two weeks. Abortion isn't the only issue, but it's the only one that holds this kind of moral magnitude and gravity. Maybe my taxes may go up or down a bit. Maybe health care will get better or maybe it will be "socialized." I do care about these things. But who I vote for may determine how many children are aborted in the future and the difference could be in the hundreds of thousands. Yes, there are other issues, but in the big picture they pale in comparison.

Get out and vote!!!!

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