Thursday, October 1, 2009

Detroit Lions Win Gives Me Hope for Our Culture

Some of you know that I am a avid fan(atic) of the Detroit Lions (that is a gross understatement). This past Sunday's win gave me great cause for celebration. Not only did it end a 19 game losing steak, but it also kept them from breaking the all time longest losing streak in NFL history. The hopelessness is now in the past and we can look forward.

Why does this give me hope? I have recently had reason to reflect on our culture's ever increasing opposition to Catholic moral principles; i.e. truth. For instance, it is now the norm is to live together before/without getting married. It's not seen as something to be embarrassed about but is expected. Contraception is a given. All forms or immorality are forced upon us and if we question them we are "religious fanatics" - the worst label our society can give.

Sometimes our battle to bring morality and truth seems as hopeless as my Lions winning did. But we can have hope, because our hope is not in our efforts, but in Christ. We can be proud of our fanaticism for the objective truths that God has revealed - and we must be just as forward about the truth as our society is about its lies. And just as I scoffed at those who suggested I change my football allegiance, we can all respond with equal boldness to those who try to convince us that modern "tolerance" (which does not tolerate the Truth) is the only moral absolute and that we need to be moe open minded. Our answer to them should echo the Evangelists be "to whom else can we go, Christ alone has the words of eternal life." (echoing John 6)

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Teri said...

Well if you can pull such profound hope out of football, more power to ya.
Good stuff.