Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Reflecting on Ambrose... a day late.

I was reflecting on St. Ambrose yesterday, his feast day. Ambrose was a great preacher and defender of the faith. But what really came to my attention was a simple lesson from his life. It was the preaching of Ambrose which converted St. Augustine, one of the greatest Doctors of the Church. How and why? Simply because Ambrose was doing what God called him to do. He was a bishop who was proclaiming the Gospel message. When we simply live what God has called us to do each day, He can use it for things greater than we can imagine. Only the Lord knows what the future may hold for our children and even grandchildren someday. And who can guess what vocations may hide among those who are in our RCIA or catechism classes? What we do know is where we are in life right now and this can give us a pretty good idea what God is calling us to do today. Let us do it to the best of our God given talents, just as Ambrose did, and pray that God will use our work for his glory.

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