Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dolan... You Have to Love this Guy!!!

Archbishop Timothy Dolan, the newly elected President of the U.S.C.C.B., has renewed the commitment to help any pregnant woman in need. Dolan's name should be familiar to my Catechists, as he is the author of the book "Called to be Holy" which we gave you for Christmas. Click the link below to read the article.

Click here for the Catholic Herald Article

Interested in his book? Here is the link:


texasmom said...

Hmmm.....I need to read the book. I am shamefully out of shape with my reading and thinking!

Christine A

texasmom said...

I was reading the linked article, which is good. But:
"“We’re going to have a SWAT team of experts go into our Catholic high schools and give the seniors a high-powered two-week formation in healthy chastity,” he told CNS. “The curriculum will address biological, emotional and moral aspects and include preparation for marriage."

that is very good and necessary, but you have to get to kids MUCH earlier than high school.
Clothing, music, tv shows, movies - everything is so much more "sexual" at an increasingly younger age. (isn't it always ;) ).

For example, I am the mother of four boys. i will not let them refer to anyone as "hot". I think it is degrading, and already gets them in the mindset of judging people (girls) on appearance.

Oh, there is so much to be said on this!