Saturday, January 15, 2011

Live from the West Coast Biblical Studies Conference!

I will be semi-live blogging a key thought or two from each session throughout the conference. I will add these to the bottom of this post, rather than creating a new post for each session, so check back below once in a while to see what has been added. .Announcement #1: Terry Barber just announced that next year's conference will be broadcast live over the internet worldwide. Very Cool!!!
Announcement # 2: Scott Hahn- The sixth edition of Letter and Spirit journal will be coming out in the next few weeks from the St. Paul Center for Biblical Studies. Verbum Domini caled for a return to the hermeneutic Scripture as the Inspired Word of God and Biblical Inerrency. This volume of Letter and Spirit will focus on these issues.

Session 1: Scott Hahn -This session was an overvew of the Gospel, structure and content. Scott's final comments were very penetrating He reminded us that Discipleship is what God is all about. We have to be disciples first, and fill our own cups to overflowing. Only then can begin the task of apostleship; helping to fill others cups. God wants to make us holy more than He wants to use us to make others holy!.

Session 2: Michael Barber.

"Holiness will always lead to happiness. If we live in the way God calls us to, we will be happy. God made us and knows what makes us tick. He knows what will make us truly happy."


texasmom said...

Augh! this makes me wish I was there!!!! Would love to sit in on these talks. Thanks for the quotes.

I need to work on the whole discipleship and holiness thing!!!

Heather Marie Drummond said...

Yes, thank you for the updates, quotes and pictures. I would have really loved to be there! I am thrilled to hear that it will be broadcast next year, however am hoping to see it live! ;-)