Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blue Bloods TV Show

We have been watching Blue Bloods since it started this year. One thing which would stand out to any reader of this blog when watching this series would be the Catholic threads throughout the show: grace, school friend who is a priest, characters wearing Catholic medals... It's good to see a typical Irish Catholic family in New York portrayed on TV. Their Catholic faith is just ingrained in who they are.

Last week's episode really left my jaw on the floor. The priest/Monsignor character who was a school friend of the police chief was on throughout the show. It was awesome enough to see an accurate positive portrayal of a Catholic priest. But in the final scene, the police chief confronts an old time advisory who tried to have him killed. The old maffia/cartel leader is now on his deathbed. Watch the rest...

2 Important Notes: 

  1. Sorry about the ads. I can't take them out and the ad rotates. I have seen everything from Lexus to Playtex (really sorry if you get that one).
  2. You will first see the scene where they catch the son  of the elderly mafia/cartel leader (disguised as a priest) as he is about to attempt to assassinate the Chief. Watch the whole clip. The good part is after that. 

While I cannot guarantee that this show will continue to put the faith in such good light, I am more than encouraged so far. We need to support shows that portray our faith and are not bashing it. 

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Heather Marie Drummond said...

Fantastic!! I have always been a HUGE Tom Selleck fan and am thrilled he is on a show like this!
Thanks for posting the clip :-)