Monday, February 14, 2011

Gomez: Two Weeks and Counting

We await Archbishop Gomez's elevation to the highest seat of the nation's largest Catholic metropolitan in just two short weeks. In the past several days I have had multiple people ask me about Gomez and what impact I thought he would have upon the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. I was glad to see this morning that New Advent posted a link to an interview which the L.A. Times printed a few weeks ago. I was especially excited that he stated in this interview that "the main call of the Second Vatican Council is the universal call to holiness." This is something I have been saying for a couple of years, but rarely hear elsewhere. I did, however, not one very serious personal flaw through this interview. It is one which I don't believe will impact his functioning in the Office of Bishop, however it is quite disturbing. Brace yourself... he is a Packers fan. I shudder! 

On a more serious note, I am very optimistic. Gomez is an Opus Dei priest (bishop). To me this says that he will be faithful to the Church's teachings and his foremost focus will be on holiness of each person in the Church. Secondly, he is Hispanic. In a Southern California, this is a huge factor. He will be quickly embraced by the largest group in his local Church. Finally, he has a reputation for being focused on Catholic Social issues. I am sure, as our nation continues to grapple with the immigration issue, this will serve him and his Church well. While I certainly do not claim to be able to see into the future, on paper he seems like the ideal successor for this very important and influential seat in the Church. 

Who wants to start the office pool guessing how long before he gets the red hat?

L.A. Times Interview

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