Sunday, March 27, 2011

Eric Sammons: "Why The Footnotes In Most Bibles Stink"

I always like Eric's blog posts, and this one in particular resounds with me. It frustrates me that I have to give a shopping list to someone who comes to me because they want to go from reading the Bible to more serious study. Lets see... I recommend you get an RSV-CE Bible. I recommend a really well bound leather one like Ignatius or Scepter put out so that it will last. But it only has references in it and no notes. You will also need the Navarre Commentary for the particular book of the Bible you are reading. And if it's New Testament, I really recommend the new Ignatius Study Bible (only N.T. so far, but I am sure Scott is working hard on the O.T.). You also may want a good Bible Dictionary, and again I find myself recommending Scott Hahn and his new Bible Dictionary which came out last year. Lets see: Bible $40-$50, Navarre N.T Commentary = about $65, Ignatius Study Bible is about $45, and the Bible Dictionary is another $45. Yo are pushing $200 to get started and don't even have cool pens, tabs, book markers... And now you are probably going to need a bookcase to keep it all on...

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Ladybird Gryphon said...

Tee hee... sounds almost like our conversation when I asked you about which Bible to get and if there was a good commentary on the book of Job... :-)