Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church!

The newly elected head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church is just a mere 40 years old. I love that he is the same age as I am and the entire world is a buzz with stories about how young he is :-)

A buzz began to stir within the Church one the 23rd that the newly elected leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Church would be a shocker. Once the election has taken place, the announcement is not made until the election is confirmed by the Holy Father, which didn't happen until the 25th. Leaving two days for a very loud silence to erupt.

On March 25th, Benedict XVI confirmed the election of  Bishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, the apostolic administrator of the Eparchy of the Protection of the Blessed Mary in Buenos Aires, as head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. The Ukranian Church is a Byzantine Rite Catholic Church and makes up the largest of the Eastern Catholic Churches.

Shevchuk is not only young for the head of a Church, he is young for a bishop. There are only three Catholic bishops in the entire world who are younger than he. 

One last note: I was personally interested in the fact that Shevchuk's Doctorate is in Moral Theology. Nice!!!

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