Monday, March 7, 2011

Lenten Phone Apps and Giving Up Facebook

Below are links to two phone apps; one for the iPhone and one for Android devices. They are each worth checking out as we enter the Lenten season. I am leaving out the ones that simply track your Lenten sacrifice as I see these as pretty useless. If you mess up on your personal Lenten sacrifice, you probably already know that. If you don't, you can't enter it into the app anyway. I am not sure the point of tracking the number of days you "fail" so you can "make them up" after Lent. So, are we going to fast on Easter week when we are supposed to be celebrating the Resurrection? It seems like this promotes a type of legalism that tells me that we are missing the whole point.

I would like your feedback on these apps.

iPhone App
Lenten Reflections App 
The app makes the content of the book “Not by Bread Alone: Daily Reflections for Lent” by Bishop Robert Morneau, auxiliary bishop of Green Bay, Wis., available to iPad and iPhone users.

Android App
Xt3 Lent Calendar 2011 
Xt3's Lent Calendar is a Christian resource for your personal Lenten journey. Each day you will be given a new feature, such as a spiritual reflection, daily bible quotes, Catholic apologetics videos, stories on the lives of the Saints - and much more! There will also be a suggested daily Lenten act to keep on track as you prepare for Easter.

Ultimate Lenten Tech Sacrifices: A few bishops have suggested giving up tech  for the Lenten season. I have no doubt that this would be quite freeing, but I freeze up at thought. I have a number of friends who will be giving up Facebook, and I expect to see a plethora of farewell posts beginning tomorrow. Maybe you are a Twitter follower and want to give that up for 40 days? 

Do you have a favorite prayer app on the iPhone or Android? Post a reply and I will try to add it to the article. I am also considering an additional page to the blog dedicated to technology and the Catholic faith which would focus on things like Catholic apps, how we can use various means of tech to spread the faith, and critiques of cutting edge technology that may bring up moral questions.  


Kristi said...

Craig - I DARE you - give up something tech-y for Lent. If not for your spiritual well-being, but for my (and others') amusement :)

Teri said...

I DOUBLE DOG dare you to give up something tech-y for Lent.