Thursday, April 7, 2011

Cardinal Wuerl on the Church Speaking Up

"...when we enter the political arena, the voice of the Church must include our lay people - not just the ordained." In his well articulated article, Cardinal Wuerl addresses the fact that all of the baptized, clergy and laity are called to be the "salt of the earth." One of the great needs which stands out to me today is for all of us to better understand our own baptism; what baptism calls us to and what it empowers us to do. We are adopted sons and daughters of God! Is there any better qualification than this for going out and making a change in our world? A dozen men in the first century Middle East didn't think so. Read Cardinal Wuerl's article (linked below) and when you walk into church this Sunday and dip your fingers in the holy water, remember what it is that we are called to remember each time we do this ritual act. Then be fed on the Word and the Eucharist. Go out from Mass knowing that at your baptism you were anointed as "priest, prophet, and king" and that you are called to proclaim Christ to the world.

Cardinal Wuerl's Article

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