Sunday, April 3, 2011

Leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Church: A Mover and Shaker

When was the last time we heard of the head of one of the Eastern Rite Churches making news? It doesn't happen often unless a new one is elected or an old one passes away.  The Easter Churches make up only a very small percentage of Catholics in the United States and thus, even in Catholic circles, they don't get a lot of publicity. It's unfortunate. The beauty of the Eastern traditions could greatly enrich the faith life of most of us if we were more exposed to them.

I have a prediction to make. Okay, I have a few, but this one has to do with the new head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (as opposed to my prediction that Amazon really is working on a tablet to rival the iPad, hence the new Amazon App store and Cloud Music service to rival iTunes). When  Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk was elected recently as the new head of the Ukrainian Church I thought "There has to be something really special about this guy to be elected to this position at age 40. Keep an eye on him!" Well, we are just a week and a half into his reign and there are already two significant stories about him. For those of you interested in things of Eastern origin, here are two links:

New Ukrainian Catholic leader seeks restoration of patriarchal status

New Ukrainian Catholic leader to combat secularism with alliances

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