Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where Did the Apostles Die?

Crucifixion of St. Peter
This is very cool! You can look on a Google Map (see link below) and see where each of the Apostles died.

Click here to go to the site

Think of how this same technology could be used:

  • Someone could make interactive maps of St. Paul's journeys with links to his Epistles at the places on the map where he actually wrote them. 
  • How about a map of the public ministry of Christ with links at each place that brought you to the Scripture passages corresponding to the place?
  • Follow the path that Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem on Google Earth?
Now we just need someone with the time and skills. Any takers?


Catholicgauze said...

Thanks for liking the map. I'm actually making a series for an online atlas on the Church's first 1,000 years.

kkollwitz said...

Thanks for the link.