Wednesday, July 13, 2011

400 Austrian Priests Organize Formal Disobedience

I have little patience for things such as this. A diocesan priest takes one vow, obedience to their bishop.

I don't, however, suggest that a sweeping removal of their faculties is what is called for (which I saw someone else online call for). My two cents: I think they should be given a chance to be brought back into the flock. Perhaps three steps:
1st- Their bishop makes a public general statement calling them, as a group, back into obedience.
2nd- the bishop meets individually with those priests still professing to be disobedient in order to try to bring them back into the fold.
3rd- If they still refuse to be obedient to their bishop and the Church, the bishop should make individual decisions on how each priest should be dealt with.

Just my opinion... What do you think???

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