Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bosco Conference Comes to a Close

The final keynote address has been given. Closing Mass is over. Lunches have been eaten and participants have checked out of the dorms. I sit in the JC Williams Center view of the locked bookstore doors, thus my wallet is safe for another year. Most attendees have left campus except for a small number of us with late flights. There is time now to pray, process, reflect... and write.

The week has been a full one with some of the greatest catechetical minds anywhere speaking on everything from catechetical documents and theory to survival in a parish setting. Some of the presenters included Fr. J. Brian Bransfield, Associate Secretary of the USCCB (Awesome!), Marc Cardaronella (, Fathers Caulle and Cointet from the great Notre Dame de Vie catechetical institute in France, Bill Keimig of the Association for Catechumenal Ministry, Sr. Johanna Paruch of Steubenville's catechetical program, Barbara McAtee of the Diocese of New Orleans, Lucas Pillice of the Diocese of Fort Worth, Gigi Zapian of the Archdiocese of San Antonio, and Petroc Willey of the esteemed Maryvale Institute in Englans and editor of The Sower catechetical journal, along with many others.

The level of formation at this conference is always amazing. I have been to every national level youth ministry and religious ed conference which I am aware of in this country, have been through numerous certification programs, and have really sought out professional level formation. This is where I find it. Professional level workshops, rooted in the catechetical documents of the Church and sound methodology.

With certification programs for catechists, youth and young adult ministry, RCIA, high school teachers, and DRE's, there is something at the Bosco Conference for everyone in catechetical ministry. If you are interested in attending next summer, check out their website Franciscan University St. John Bosco Conference

As I work through processing the weekend, I hope to post at least some tidbits and highlights from the week, so check back often.


Hannah said...

I was there too! It was my first Bosco conference (and my first time in the States - I'm English) - it was really superb. We have nothing like this in the UK.

Theology Geek said...

Hannah: I am glad you were able to come for the conference. Do you have any connection to Maryvale? Just curious since you are from England. What was your favorite workshop?

Marc Cardaronella said...

Awesome post! It really was a great conference this year. One of the best in recent years.

Looking forward to reading some of your insights from the conference in future posts!