Monday, December 19, 2011

Get EWTN Without Cable or Satellite

I completely stumbled upon this by accident. I had been wanting to get a Roku box as part of my
move to ditch cable, and when I saw one go on sale I bought it. Unknown to me, EWTN is now available as a Roku channel. Very nice. As other options have become available I have added additional information to this post. This has made it a bit pieced together, but I hope that it is of help to you.

What is a Roku Box? It's a set top box, like Apple TV or Google TV, which takes advantage of your high speed internet connection. It plugs into your router and your TV to give you free channels... hundreds of them.. for FREE! You can also use it to connect to paid outlets such as Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu. It can't be any easier. Plug into your TV, plug into your router, plug into power. That's it. When you turn it on the first time, you can select from hundreds of free channels, including EWTN. There is no monthly fee, ever, for Roku. If you add a pay service, such as Netflix, that's different.

There are a few versions of Roku available. I recommend the HD version. It's only $88 now. Remember that there is no monthly fee of any kind. $88.00 for streaming EWTN on your TV. If you are on the cheap side, there is a $45 version that has a few less options, but will still stream channels just fine. Use one of the links below to get Amazon's best price and support this blog.

Update: There are now additional easy ways to view EWTN on your TV via the live stream on their Web site. You could simply view it on your computer by going to their Web site. Or, if you have a TV with an HDMI input (all new TV's have a few) and a laptop with a HDMI port, you can simply plug your laptop into your TV, change the input select to the proper HDMI in port. this essentially will turn your TV into a big computer monitor and show anything on your laptop. Simply go to ESPN and follow their links to "Watch Live."

EWTN has their own page on YouTube. You can watch selected programming.

Amazon Fire TV:
Amazon now has their own alternative. Click here to read my updated post discussing how to easily watch EWTN on Amazon Fire TV.

EWTN Religious Catalog iPad App:
Download this app from the App Store. It has a "Live Streams" section which allows you to watch selected EWTN programming. Pair this up with an Apple TV and you can watch it on your big screen.

Which option is best for you? It depends upon your habits and budget.

  • If you have a laptop and no budget, EWTN's Web site is a great option
  • If you are already tied into the Apple universe, then Apple TV will give you what you are looking for and seamlessly interact with your other Apple devices.
  • If you are already an Amazon Prime member, then go with the Amazon Fire Stick. You get your EWTN and can stream tons of free Prim videos plus any Amazon digital movies you have purchased. I love this device.
  • If you are not already tied into another brand or you have an anti-Apple and anti-Amazon bias, Roku is a great alternative. 
The Next Step: Buy the Device of Your Choice

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PS: You can still order in time for Christmas.


Las Vegas Mama said...

wow, this looks pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Amazing I also found Catholic TV and Salt and Light TV.... And all of them are free.