Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time to Re-Focus: Make the Craziness of the Season Worthwhile

"It's the most busy time of the year..." Okay, this isn't how the carol goes, but it very well could. Christmas shopping, parties, looking at Christmas lights and somehow we are supposed to fit in all of the regular things on our plate. Purple is becoming less of a symbol of waiting and more of a warning sign to hold on tight because we are throwing it into high gear. We know that we need to slow down and reflect, but it just doesn't seem to happen.

My suggestion: Take a few minutes of quiet (and yes, I know I am asking the impossible here). Reflect on your favorite Christmas memories growing up. What drew you closest to Christ's birth? What drew your family closer to each other? What are the things which you are doing that do not lead you to set the stage for these experiences for your family this year? Can you focus our busyness on the things which are really important? It won't necessarily make you less busy, but it will make it worthwhile.

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