Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why Are Catholics Leaving the Catholic Church?

Fr. Barron on why Catholics are leaving the Church (2 parts). 

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Suzzie said...

Thank you for posting this. Father Barron is such an excellent and insightful speaker.

Having been amongst Protestant and non-denominational church members for so many years, I can attest that just as many of them leave their own denominations and/or individual churches for some of the same reasons - real or imagined - that Catholics do.

Our parish is blessed with compassionate, helpful and friendly clergy and staff. But they can't do it all. If a sheep wanders away, someone is going to notice. It is up to us, the rest of the flock, to seek out the lost and bring them home. Then, if their needs are beyond our capabilities as lay persons, we can lead them to the shepherds that can best help them.

We just have to remember that sheep are stubborn. We must be patient, and our efforts must be cloaked in prayer.