Friday, July 20, 2012

In the Face of Tragedy... We Pray!

Today's news has been filled with images and interviews from the site of the shooting in Colorado. The blogosphere and Twitter feeds are filled with comments and those who want to use it for promoting political agendas. Finger pointing usually follows. What causes someone to do this?

The reality is hat what we need to do is a lot more praying and a lot less talking. Each of the people who lost their lives today was a soul we hope is in heaven. Each of them had a family and friends who are devastated and don't know how to deal with what has happened. The other people who were at the theater have witnessed something horrific. Many will be traumatized for life. These people all need our prayers.

It's easy to stay glued to the TV to watch and see if any new information gets reported. We can get sucked into it for hours. Let's all just stop right now and turn off the TV and the computer and pray for all of those people who are hurting because of this tragic event. May God be with them.


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