Sunday, March 23, 2014

Could "Noah" Be the Next Epic Christian Movie?

The last truly Epic Christian Film was Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. As I watch the trailers for Noah, I can't help but think on this scale. Noah has the potential to break the mold of Christian movies in the same manner as the Passion of the Christ. While it probably will not meet Passion of the Christ's monumental success as the all time highest grossing R rated film ever produced, the quality of the clips in the trailer, intensity of the scenes, and the presence of another film icon, Russell Crowe, as the lead certainly gets one hoping for another film in the same league as Gibson's classic. Certainly this will challenge people's mental images of the story of Noah's Ark derived primarily from children's Bibles and cute nursery pictures. Let's pray that it is another tool the Lord can use to awaken people in a society that bears many similarities to that in the time of Noah.

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