Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Are Catholic Families Having a Crisis of Faith?

I have often said that we do not have a "vocations crisis" in the Church, we have a "faith crisis" in the Church. If more young people were growing up fostering healthy prayer lives and seeking God's will for their vocation, I believe we would have an abundance of vocations to the priesthood. This could be said of many issues that our Church and parishes face. If every member of the parish prayed daily, frequented the sacraments, and sought God's will daily, volunteers for ministries would be abundant, the Church would have greater outreach to non-Catholics, food pantries would be full, Catholic schools would be overflowing, and there would be plenty of money to fix the leaky roof at the rectory.

Gregory Popcak's article focuses on the family and the results of a CARA study. I encourage you to read the article (linked below) but don't stop there. Ask yourself how you can make a difference. Maybe it's sharing your faith with someone, or encouraging your neighbors to bring their kids to religious education class, or inviting a family member who no longer goes to Mass to go with you to Church this Sunday. As Gregory Popcak says, "Both the Church and the world need Godly families who are prepared to witness the Catholic vision of life and love." This couldn't be more true. In a time when Catholics are being killed in other parts of the world, and basic Catholic moral teachings are being attacked in the media, in the courts, and in the public square, we need strong Catholic families. As a friend of mine put it, "We need to be raising kids who are prepared to me martyrs." Sobering, but true.

Click Here for Gregory Popcak's Article


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