Monday, December 7, 2015

EWTN on Amazon Fire TV !!!

This is an update to my original article on getting EWTN without cable. The first article focused on the Roku Box. Now you have the additional option of watching EWTN on Amazon Fire TV! This is great because the Fire Stick is very affordable starting at only $40. If you want more features you can get the full Amazon Fire TV box for just $85 which can give you ethernet connectivity if your TV is close to your modem/router. Both versions have wireless capability (802.11 AC, MIMO).

We have been using the Fire Stick and love it. In addition to streaming all EWTN broadcasts, you can get the Catholic TV network, select Fox News stories, and hundreds of other channels, including streaming music. All the regulars are there, including YouTube, Netflix, and, of course, Amazon Video. For anyone who purchases TV or Movies through Amazon Video, this is a must, making access super easy. We have also found it a great platform for streaming Netflix, working a lot better than our Tivo.

Did I mention how easy installation is? You won't even need to call your family tech guy (and we appreciate that), as long as you know your WiFi password.

I am a BIG fan of the Amazon Fire Stick and may upgrade to the Fire TV soon. Click the image below to learn more about them and be taken to the best prices available from Amazon.

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